Drain Services in St. Louis

Drain Unclog

These lines can build up with particles of food, grease and debris over time. Our technicians can unclog a drain quickly as well as offer advice for maintenance so you can keep your drain in good shape drain services.


Calling in a professional drain cleaning service is necessary when you have a seriously clogged drain. Most of the plumbing professionals listed in USA Plumbing Plus also install drains and sewer lines. Solving the problem of a clogged drain may involve replacing it. Our professional drain cleaning services  those annoying clogged drain problems from recurring in the future.

Clogged pipes can occur in many different areas of your drain service system. Stoppages frequently occur in fixture traps, in the main drain, in sharp bends and direction changes of the sub drain pipelines, and even in the sewer line. It takes a qualified plumbing technician to find the source of the clogged plumbing lines. Most of the plumbing professionals listed in our directories know where to look for the source of the clogged drain. Even if the problem goes all the way to the sewer line, we have the right sewer line professionals to fix and unclog your drain in the shortest time possible.

USA Plumbing Plus strives to find and list drain cleaning services that won’t leave your home or business messy. Drain cleaning is a dirty job, but we want the drain cleaning companies listed in our drain cleaning directory to leave your home as if they had never been there. Most of the plumbing professionals listed in our directories are very clean. Many use floor mats and booties to protect your floors. They have the experience and expertise to clear the blockage and get your drain running free in the cleanest way possible. To USA Plumbing Plus , nothing is more important than leaving your home just like it was before the plumber came in.

Our plumbers are experts in clearing any drain including sinks, tubs, main line stoppages and more. If it drains we can clear it.


Main line stoppages can be a nightmare for any home or business. When this occurs all of the drains in the house are affected and are non-operational. We have the knowledge and equipment to unclog main line stoppages fast and efficiently. Our equipment can not only remove roots but can clean the inner walls of the drain. If we find that there is a problem with the sewer line we can inspect it with a camera. We also have the ability to replace your sewer line with trenchless technology. In any situation we have you covered, so call today drain services.

Sewer Replacement

Sewer repair might not work for some older pipes, so sewer installation (replacement) is the next step. The plumbers listed in USA Plumbing Plus for sewer line replacement offer complete solutions, and this includes the entire sewer installation, from the house to the main. There is no need to search anywhere else because USA Plumbing Plus lists many different qualified professionals in your local area for complete sewer line replacement.

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Finding the right drain cleaning service is not just a matter of manpower. The companies have to work with the right plumbing equipment to unclogg a drain as well. Most of the professionals listed in USA Plumbing Plus have drain cleaning machines from small hand snakes to drain machines capable of cleaning 8 inch sewer mains.

Usually, the most flexible machines are the cable drain cleaning machines, often referred to as drain snakes. The cable drain cleaning machines clean the drain or sewer by rotating a flexible cable through the pipe. Attachments on the end of the cable aid in the cleaning process by scraping, boring, cutting through the blockage. Each drain blockage requires the proper size cable and cutting head. Usually, not just anyone can use these machines. It takes experienced, qualified plumbing technicians.